My Tumblr Feed This Week Has Been Jammed…

… with really cool fellow student’s work. So I’ve hand picked some of the favourites I can get my hands on to share with you all. Enjoy!

Freddie Lloyd’s The Constant     [Click here to go to Freddie’s blog]

Short Film made as coursework for University. The Constant is a mixture of human emotion, memory and environment and how each as affected me on a personal level. It is about the home I grew up in and the landscape that surrounds it, making it an idyllic and beautiful, yet, isolated and enclosed environment to grow up in; one that I both love and hate for those reasons. It’s about wanting to leave, but wanting to stay and how it will always be a part of me. As this was an individual project, I made and scored the film entirely myself.


James Chegwyn’s I’m Awake  [Click here to go to James’ blog]

This was a short film I made with my friend Joe Tippett over the christmas holidays, It is a dream sequence and explores the ideas of dreams.


Tom Hole’s Poppa  [Click here to go to Tom’s blog]

A short film created to show the effect of alzheimer’s on my grandfather, Poppa. I previously created a portrait on him, which didn’t look at our relationship, but his personality and his connection to my family, but for this piece i really wanted to look at my relationship with him and the effect the illness even has on myself. I involved myself in the piece to show my interaction him and his interaction with me. Hope you enjoy.